Agrochemicals production plant for Northern Europe

A renowned North American multinational dedicated to the production of agrochemicals has entrusted Bachiller to design and manufacture a drying and homogenization equipment for its plant in Northern Europe.

The supplied equipment consists of a 3.000 l Supradry SDV-030 vacuum dryer, a 5.000 l Supramix MVC-050 homogenizer, a 7.000 l Supramix MVC-070 homogenizer, a heating and cooling system skid mounted, a vacuum and recovery of solvents system skid mounted, and the dosing systems from equipment to transportation systems by rotary valves.

Prior to the design and manufacture of the equipment, a set of tests were carried out in the BACHILLER’s Test Center facility in Barcelona. With the operational parameters and the results of the tests, it was possible to validate that the final product met the necessary quality requirements, and it also allowed to know the behavior of the product once dried, which led to the addition of Supramix homogenizers to the installation, one prior to drying and one later to avoid caking in both cases. The complete report was issued to the client with the information of the process and the evolution of it.

One of the key factors to gain the client’s trust has been the ability to define the solution, and the BACHILLER’s commitment to the results of the productive capacity of the solution, strengthening this trust with the flexibility and ability to modify the design of these equipment during the manufacturing process, due to the importance of maintaining the dates from the beginning (schedule driven project), constantly adapting to the new discovered parameters of the product.