Supramix dryer

The equipment is a “SUPRAMIX” vertical mixer with a useful capacity of 3000 liters, designed and manufactured under ATEX Zone 20 Interior 21 certification, guaranteeing mechanical and electrical safety against possible explosive atmospheres required by the process. The machine is in polished stainless steel as a material in contact with the product.

The Supramix is especially suitable for the mixing and industrial homogenisation in short time of powdery products and those with similar particle sizes, respecting the morphology of the products and offering a complete discharge. It allows liquids to be added during the process.

The Supramix vertical ribbon blender consists of a vertical mixing spiral, rotating at a moderate speed to achieve an upward flow of perimeter product and a central downward flow.


  • Short mixing times, from 10 to 16 minutes depending on the behavior of the mixture.
  • Repetitive mixings processes, reproducible and easy to scale.
  • Low maintenance mixer.
  • Cantilever mixer spiral, without lower support.
  • Total emptying of the product.
  • Ideal for chemistry, food, pharmacy and cosmetics as well as for processes that generate areas protected by risk of explosion.