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Delivering a conical dryer to a Belgian company dedicated to the food industry

Conical Cantilever Dryer

We are delivering a 1,000 liter Conical Cantilever Dryer, manufactured in AISI-316-L for a Belgian company dedicated to the food industry.

The equipment consists of a vertical conical dryer with cartridge filter, power box and control by touch panel, vacuum and condensation skid, and a thermal oil heating system.

The conical dryer was the perfect equipment for our client’s needs, since he needed equipment to dry his product at low temperatures and a complete discharge, maximizing his production.

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Developing a process for a Scandinavian company in the testing laboratory

Laboratorio de pruebas

In Bachiller we continue working to give an answer to the needs of our customers. That’s why we have a testing laboratory to carry out tests for process development and/or validation of the process, prior to the start of production of the equipment required for such process.

Do you want to know more about our lab facility capabilities? Write us:

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BACHILLER equipment gaurantee the strictest quality standards

Certificaciones BACHILLER

One of the hallmarks of Bachiller, and one that has accompanied us throughout our history, is the importance we attach to quality in our services.

That is why we guarantee the production of all our equipment under the strictest national and international quality standards and always complying with current regulations.

Currently, we have the following certifications:

• ISO 9001:2008
• ISO 14001:2015
• U and U2 ASME seals
• HP0 certificate in accordance with AD-2000 Merkblätt
• Module H1 in accordance with PED
• License A2 in accordance with SQL of the People’s Republic of China

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Statement COVID-19

Comunicado sobre el coronavirus

Due to the current pandemic of COVID19, which is affecting us globally, we want to report that we continue to work on the projects that the PHARMACEUTICAL, FOOD, CHEMICAL industry has given us their trust.

We are also continuing to work, and preparing the foundations for future projects, which will be a challenge for all of us, to face the new times ahead.

At Bachiller, we have adopted protocols and measures of protection and distancing for all workers, in accordance with health and public administration recommendations, and thus continue to meet the high specifications of our clients.

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4 stirred reactors for a pharmaceutical company based in USA


Reactor agitado

High-standard and lots of engineering phases are required to manufacture the equipment. Customer has chosen us instead of local suppliers, as he trusts our experience and skills. During project phase we will accompany the client step by step following every requirements to secure the final output thanks to our strong engineering team and high quality standards.

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New delivery: Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer for a pharmaceutical company

Filtro Nucha Secador FNB-S

Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer is a high-quality equipment designed for liquid solid separation processes, by filtration under pressure and vacuum drying, for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

Within the filtering applications there are products which, due to their special hazardous or toxic characteristics, or simply to prevent cross contamination, are more desirably treated in a hermetic way during their manufacturing process. Nutsche Filters by Bachiller have been specially designed to answer these needs, guaranteeing the obtaining of pure substances which are free from polluting elements.

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New delivery: BACHMIX-5000 for an Northamerican customer


Delivery of a new 5,000-liter BACHMIX, Industrial vacuum mixer and reactor for liquids and semi-solids, to a North American organization dedicated to the production of cosmetic products.

BACHMIX is an universal mixer under vacuum designed for liquid and high viscous products up to 250,000 mPas.

It allows the realization of a wide range of process operations such as: homogenization, dispersion, emulsion and deaeration with an important reduction of heating or cooling times, all thanks to its set of coaxial agitation.

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New delivery: 325 m³ pressure vessel

Depósito a presión

We are delivering a pressure vessel in 304L of 325 m³ to a major Hungarian company in the chemical industry.

This process equipment is part of a set of 4 reactors that will be delivered soon.

Thank you for trusting the quality of Bachiller.

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