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Skid-mounted vacuum drying unit for battery components

Turnkey installation of vacuum drying for battery components

We have just supplied a skid-mounted unit for the vacuum drying of monohydrated lithium hydroxide crystals for a North American chemical multinational.

The “plug-and-play” unit is composed of a 30 liter BICUUM MBC-S rotary vacuum dryer equipped with all the necessary peripheral equipment required for an eficient vacuum drying operation, with automated control System of the process through touch panel, vacuum and sovent recovery unit, thermal oil heating unit and chilled water generator. The equipment is installed on a frame with adjustable legs, with all necessary connection pipes, instruments and wiring, required for its correct operation.

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We will be pleased to see you at POWTECH 2022


We will be pleased to see you at POWTECH, the leading trade fair for powder & bulk solids processing and analítics.

Meet our experts at booth 3-448 to learn more about our wide range of industrial process equipment.

📅 27-29 September
📍 Stand 3-448 of Hall 3, Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany.

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Supradry vacuum dryer for North American technological multinational


We have manufactured a Supradry SDV-010 of 1,000 liters in C-276 for a North American multinational in the technology sector.

The equipment consists of a vertical ribbon vacuum dryer with cartridge filter, power panel and touch panel control, a vacuum skid and a solvent recovery unit.

In this project, the client required a vacuum dryer to be able to reduce the humidity of its thermosensitive product from 0.1% to 0.01%.

To achieve an industrial process with reliable results, we previously simulated the client’s process in its Test Center. Once the necessary adjustments were made and the expected results were obtained, the equipment was scaled with the appropriate technology to a desired standard industrial size.

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3 vertical vacuum dryers for French chemical multinational


Bachiller has manufactured a set of three SUPRADRY SDV vacuum dryers of 2,000 liters in AISI-316L, for a French chemical multinational, present in more than 20 countries around the world.

In this project, the client required a vacuum dryer that could separate some salts from a solvent used in their process, and thus be able to reuse these salts in future production batches to increase significantly the performance of their production line and reduce their operating costs.

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Nutsche Filter Dryer for an Northamerican Foodtech company

Nutsche Filter Dryer

A North American Foodtech company has relied on Bachiller for the manufacture of a Nustche Filter Dryer (FNB-4-S)  with a volume of 4 m³ in AISI-316-L.

In this project, the client required an equipment that was capable of separating the crystallized product after the crystallization reaction, washing it and finally drying it to reach the final moisture levels necessary for its quality standards.

The Nutsche Filter Dryer is the optimal equipment for the needs of our client in this project, since it will be able to carry out all the required processes in the same machine and with high efficiency, validated in our laboratory.

Additionally, we have provided our client with a weight-controlled unloading system in Big bags, with metal detection. To accommodate all of this, and due to available height limitations, a screw conveyor has been installed to perform all operations on one level.

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Agrochemicals production plant for Northern Europe

Agrochemicals production plant for Northern Europe

A renowned North American multinational dedicated to the production of agrochemicals has entrusted Bachiller to design and manufacture a drying and homogenization equipment for its plant in Northern Europe.

The supplied equipment consists of a 3.000 l Supradry SDV-030 vacuum dryer, a 5.000 l Supramix MVC-050 homogenizer, a 7.000 l Supramix MVC-070 homogenizer, a heating and cooling system skid mounted, a vacuum and recovery of solvents system skid mounted, and the dosing systems from equipment to transportation systems by rotary valves.

Prior to the design and manufacture of the equipment, a set of tests were carried out in the BACHILLER’s Test Center facility in Barcelona. With the operational parameters and the results of the tests, it was possible to validate that the final product met the necessary quality requirements, and it also allowed to know the behavior of the product once dried, which led to the addition of Supramix homogenizers to the installation, one prior to drying and one later to avoid caking in both cases. The complete report was issued to the client with the information of the process and the evolution of it.

One of the key factors to gain the client’s trust has been the ability to define the solution, and the BACHILLER’s commitment to the results of the productive capacity of the solution, strengthening this trust with the flexibility and ability to modify the design of these equipment during the manufacturing process, due to the importance of maintaining the dates from the beginning (schedule driven project), constantly adapting to the new discovered parameters of the product.

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Turnkey process facility for German multinational

Turnkey process facility

A German company dedicated to the production of precious metals derivate products, has entrusted us, first in the development of the process, and afterwards with the developed process industrialization for their production plant.

In this project, the client has asked us a budget for an equipment, to be integrated as a part of a solution. However, once we started to work on the process, and validate it in our test center, we realized that there were more efficient ways to solve their production needs, and together we took the path of improving their initial process request, to achieve the finally supplied solution.

We are delighted to go to Germany personally for commissioning and start up this integral solution, since it all started in one of the last face-to-face meetings held in March 2020. Subsequently, all the development in our laboratory was followed by the client through videoconferences, and finally just before Christmas we reached an agreement to manufacture the solution to the process proposed by our team, based on the path traveled with our process technicians in the test center.

We can’t wait to see the first batches going out and to develop more vacuum drying and filtration solutions for our customers’ needs  and have a result like the one we achieved in this project!

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We are manufacturing 5 vacuum dryers Sanidry

Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer with a sanitary design

This summer our workshop is working at full capacity. We are manufacturing 5 vacuum dryers Sanidry for different national and international customers from pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.

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Bachiller at Achema Pulse

Achema Pulse

Bachiller would like to invite you to the first edition of ACHEMA Pulse – the new virtual event for the entire process industry – on 15 and 16 June 2021.

Visit our virtual exhibitor profile to discover our innovations, learn more about our equipment and services, and experience our passion for quality.

Our experts will be happy to present you our wide range of high-quality equipment and solutions for very diverse processes:

  • Pressure Filtration (Nutsche filters)
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Mixing and Homogenisation of Solids and Powders
  • Processing of Liquids and Semisolids

Register now using the form below to secure your free ACHEMA Pulse ticket:

After registration you will receive an e-mail with your ticket prior to the start of the exhibition.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you an interesting and inspiring visit.

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SANIDRY Horizontal Vacuum Dryer for API

Sanidry Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer

Bachiller has manufactured a 3.000L horizontal vacuum paddle dryer SANIDRY, for an important Spanish pharmaceutical company.

Bachiller has offered the client a turnkey project, supplying in addition to the dryer, all the appropriate peripherals to be able to maximize its use, mounted on skid: the vacuum generation and solvent recovery system, the power and control system outside and inside the clean room, a heating unit sized to be able to provide all the necessary heat for the process, and a cooling unit to provide the cold in the vacuum generation and solvent recovery stage.

Prior to the construction of the industrial equipment, a set of tests were carried out in the Test Center located in the Bachiller facilities.

In the complete report that was issued to the client with the information on the process, the operating parameters and the test results, it was possible to validate that the Sanidry horizontal dryer was the ideal equipment for their interests, for the following reasons:

– The equipment could process products with very high viscosities.

– Significant energy savings, due to the reduction of the resources used for drying compared to the equipment they currently had.

– Increase in production capacity due to the reduction in process time between 40% and 50% compared to the technology used up to now.

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