As a result of our commitment to social development, and as a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, we are happy to announce that we’ve reached a collaboration agreement with UNICEF.

We are starting a year of social activities aimed at raising the funds, which are used for initiatives in favour of the most vulnerable: children.

Bachiller signs a collaboration agreement with UNICEFWhy UNICEF?
UNICEF is the United Nations Fund for Children. It has been working for more than 70 years to defend the children rights in more than 190 countries. UNICEF collaborates with governments, NGOs, companies and associations, mothers and fathers, teachers, and people from all over the world interested in achieving a better world for children.
UNICEF can help the most vulnerable children in the most remote and isolated areas. UNICEF gives credibility and the ability to influence on a global scale thanks to its knowledge and experience.

By adding small financial contributions, we multiply the results.

– “Multiply for Children” is a special initiative, thought for mobilizing resources for children’s education in Africa.
– The entities involved in this initiative join efforts to multiply the impact of their action.

Purpose of funds.
Education represents the hopes, dreams and aspirations of children, families, communities and nations around the world. It is one of the surest ways out of poverty. It is a fundamental path to build stronger societies with healthier and more efficient citizens.
“Multiply” members contribute financial donation earmarked for UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” program in favour of child education.

Some achievements
Since the program’s start, more than 30 million children have been able to study in children-friendly facilities, equipped with adequate learning materials with properly trained teachers and programs adapted to their needs.

Access to quality education has become a turning point in the lives of many children with disabilities, giving them a chance in their future life, that otherwise would be impossible to achieve.


Since 2005 “Schools for Africa” has benefited more than 30 million children in 13 countries.


We are not asking corporations to do something different from their normal business; we are asking them to do their normal business differently.
Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations