Corporate code of conduct

BACHILLER’s Code of Conduct establishes the Company’s rules on fair, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as the environmental responsibility regime of the Company and its employees, and serves as a guide for the conduct of all BACHILLER members, whether they are employees, commercial agents, subcontractors or personnel assigned by temporary work agencies.

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Criminal compliance policy

The Criminal Compliance Policy aims to establish BACHILLER’s desire to promote a culture of integrity, ethics and respect for the law, as well as the requirement to comply with Spanish criminal laws and the prohibition to commit criminal acts.

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Equality Plan

Bachiller promotes equality between men and women and ensures that all its workers have the same opportunities, regardless of their gender. His Equality Plan is based on the principles of non-discrimination, equal treatment and prevention of sexual harassment. The company believes that diversity and inclusion are fundamental values for the development of a more just and equal society. Bachiller is committed to promoting gender equality in all areas of his company.

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Sexual harassment protocol

BACHILLER declares its zero tolerance towards the occurrence, throughout its organization, of behaviors constituting sexual harassment or gender-based harassment.

With this protocol, BACHILLER aims to emphasize its commitment to the prevention and response to sexual harassment and gender-based harassment in any of their forms, by informing its application to all the human personnel providing services within its organization, whether they are employees or come from other companies.

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Contact line

Any person associated with the activities of the company can report or declare facts, violations, risks, actions or omissions that may be considered a violation of the law or a violation of the internal regulations of the organization.

The user can send this information by email to: [email protected]