Double cone mixer for solids and powders with rotary drum

CAPACITIES: from 200L up to 35.000L.

The Double Cone blender with rotary drum for solids and powders is ideal for mixing products with a fragile morphology that must be respected during mixing, or applications with a high cleaning requirement between batch operations.

The Double Cone solid mixer has a biconical drum rotating at low speed, making the product slide gently on its smooth inner walls, performing a non-forced mixing effect.

  • Repetitive mixings processes, reproducible and easy to scale up.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Complete product discharge.
  • Capacities from 100 a 35.000 liters.
  • Batch-wise operation.
  • Mixing accuracy of 1:10.000 in only few minutes.
  • ‘CE’ marking according to the Safety for Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • Internally mirror polishied Ra ≤ 0.6 µm (Grit 360).
  • Externally polished in matte or mirror.
  • Liquid injection by spraying.
  • Heating/cooling  jacket.
  • Design under pressure and /or vacuum – refer to drying and reactor version.
  • Choppers for mixing intensification and lump breaking.
  • Product loading through vacuum conveying system.
  • Automatic positioning of the machine.
  • ATEX executions on request.
  • ATEX execution for internal zone 20/0 officially stamped.
  • Automatic solids loading and dosing systems.
  • Weighting system.
  • Formulation installations.
  • Product packing system.

FOOD: Additives, Baby Food, Breakfast cereals, Colorants, Dextrin, Diet foods, Food preparations, Gelatin, Improvers, Muesli, Powder humectation, Ready mix, Salads, Snacks, Soluble, Soluble coffee, Soup, Spices, Sweeteners, Tea infusions, Vitamin complements.

CHEMICAL: Catalysts, Cellulose, Colorants, Masterbatch, Metallic powders, Minerals, Pellets, Phosphates, Pigments, Plastics and pellets, Polymers, Premix, Resins..

FINE CHEMICALS and PHARMACEUTICAL: Amino acids, Antibiotics, API’s, Caffeine, Cephalosporin, Colorants, Cosmetic, Crystals, Diet food, Feed additives, Food additives, Ibuprofen, Omeprazole, Peptides, Pharmaceutical excipients, Preservatives, Saccharine, Sweeteners, Tables (blend), Veterinary, Vitamins.