bachlab laboratory vacuum mixer

Bachiller is finalizing the preparation of a 10 liter Bachlab to deliver to a Spanish company dedicated to the cosmetic and food industry.

The process equipment includes the tank in AISI 316L, with a slow-slow coaxial mixing system, a high-shear rotor-stator homogenizer, a heating/cooling and vacuum system. The entire process of loading the solid and liquid additives through vacuum is carried out automatically.

The Bachlab laboratory mixer reactor is a robust and reliable machine, characterised by the automatic lifting and turning of the lid for easy access to the interior of the reactor, designed in accordance to the most demanding GMP and EHEDG standards. It includes strict ergonomic criteria that facilitate the work of the operator.

TACTIL-2 supervision allows to create formulas and export process graphics.

This machine will be used for the production of food supplements, natural cosmetics, pharmaceutical emulsions and suspensions, and certified organic products.