Industrial mixer under vacuum with internal/external homogeneization for liquid and viscous products.


Industrial mixer under vacuum with internal/external homogeneization for liquid and viscous products

CAPACITIES: from 25L up to 20.000L.

The Bachmix-R-type vacuum-based blender-homogenizer for laboratory, pilot or industrial production allows a wide range of operations for high viscosity homogenizations and fine emulsions, integrating vacuum and pressure operations, clean in place washing and sterilization that represent a technological advance in the manufacture of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and chemistry.

The Bachmix R controls all process parameters such as agitation velocities, temperature and vacuum/pressure. The slow-slow coaxial agitator or the Helix-type helicoid, combined with the new rotor-stator homogenizer with internal/external recirculation HRB-type with adjustable GAP, allows stable high fineness emulsions and high viscosity product and complex rheology.
Bachmix R integrates all process devices such as vacuum group, weighing system, heating control module, CIP/SIP system, automated supervision.

  • Fully equipped unit.
  • 100% vacuum tight.
  • Liftable lid with automatic closure system SUPERCLAMP.
  • Independently controlled coaxial or helicoid type Helix mixing tools.
  • Rotor stator with internal/external homogenization with a maximum shear of 250,000 s-1 and an adjustable GAP from   0.1 mm to 1.5 mm controlled by HMI.
  • Continuous additions of raw materials via the HRB homogenizer without product loss.
  • Integrated circulation pump for viscous product and CIP operations.
  • PLC supervision system with color touch interface.
  • Perfect reproduction of manufacturing parameters.
  • Work volume varies from 10 to 100% of its capacity.
  • Atmospheric operating pressure – Optional up to 2 bar (g). (Other optional)
  • Vacuum at -0.9 bar
  • Operating temperatures up to 110oC.
  • Designed by ASME VIII div.1 – AD-2000 – EN-13445.
  • CGMP sanitary design, validating FDA.
  • Polished Ra ≤ 1.2 m. (other optional)
  • Heating/cooling jacket with 1, 2 or 3 sections.
  • Thermal insulation with tight welded stainless-steel protection.
  • Independently controlled coaxial or helicoid type Helix mixing clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • High-flow central blender for high viscosity products (optional).
  • HRB Rotor stator with internal/external homogenization and an adjustable GAP.
  • Vacuum pump with built-in control.
  • Setting the heating/cooling by steam or heat-carrying fluid.
  • Supervisory system by PLC with tactinterfacecolor island HMI or Panel  PC:
  • Different levels of supervision and automation available with the creation of  manufacturing recipes.
  • Continuous control of the manufacturing process.
  • Certificate ‘CE’ in accordance with the 2006/42/EC Directive on Machine Safety.
  • NEP/SEPsystems, validating by Riboflavin test.
  • FDA version.
  • DQ, IQ, OQ protocols.
  • Electro polishing  Ra ≤ 0.4 m.
  • Version for ATEX zone.
  • CFR21 Part 11.

COSMETICS y PHARMACEUTICAL: Food additives, After Sun, Antibiotics, Biocosmetics, Colorings, Creams, Toothpastes, Diets, Sweeteners, Emulsions, Essences and Flavours, Shaving Foam, Dispersals, Gels, Gominas, Syrup, Lipstick, Body Milk, Masks, Pommades, Sunscreen.

CHEMICAL: Adhesives, Colorings, Pigments, Polymers, Alkaline Piles, Premix, Resins, Silicones.

FOOD: Baby food, Creams, Concentrates, Vitamin Supplements, Diets, Gelatins, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Jams, Sauces.



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