Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer Sanidry Bachiller


Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer with a sanitary design

CAPACITIES: from 50L up to 10.000L.

The Sanidry, horizontal vacuum paddle dryer, belongs to the group of drum dryers with paddle rotation in their interior. Its sanitary design, with a heating surface maximised in paddles over the shaft and body of the dryer, guarantees the drying of all types of moist, crystalline, amorphous or paste thermo-sensitive products in a vacuum process.

The Sanidry vacuum dryer by Bachiller is the ideal industrial dryer for the drying processes of special and delicate products.

The body, shaft and paddles of the vacuum dryer are fully heated to maximise heat exchange. The tolerances of the vacuum dryer assembly allow the turning of the paddles at very close distances to the wall, for continuous renewal of the product being exchanged.

  • Highest Thermal Efficiency, Shortest drying cycles.
  • Repetitive operation, reproducible and easy to scale up.
  • Easy to clean and register.
  • Big frontal door for inspection and registration.
  • Capacities from 50  up to 10.000 liters.
  • Batch Operation.
  • Full tightness, vacuum level less than 1 mbar.
  • Atmospheric operating pressure.
  • Operation temperatures up to 200º C.
  • Design according toASME VIII div.1 – AD-2000 – EN-13445.
  • Sanitary design cGMP, FDA validated.
  • Internally mirror polished Ra ≤ 0.6 µm (Grit 360).
  • ‘CE’ stamping according to Safety for Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • Internally electro polished Ra ≤ 0.2 µm.
  • Dust Filter in vacuum intake.
  • Automatic frontal door hydraulic actuated.
  • CIP/SIP systems, validated with Riboflavin test.
  • Discharge valve with metal-metal gasket.
  • Sampling valve.
  • Choppers for braking lumps or balls of product.
  • Sterile design under demand.
  • Agitator with special sterile mechanical seal.
  • Floating mechanical seal flushed with Nitrogen.
  • Separation  in between clean area and technical area.
  • Solvents recovery unit, vacuum system and heating unit.
  • Hardware and Software for the unit controlling.
  • Pilot equipment available.
  • ATEX execution on demand.
  • ATEX 20/0 inner side, with official certificate.

FINE CHEMICALS and PHARMACEUTICAL: Amino acids, Antibiotics, API’s, Aromas, Biotechnology, Caffeine, Cephalosporins, Colorants, Cosmetics, Crystals, Diet food, Flavours and aromas, Food additives, Microencapsulation, Natural extracts, Peptides, Pharmaceutical excipients, Pharmacy synthesis, Preservatives, Saccharine, Sweeteners, Tables (drying), Veterinary, Vitamins, Wet Granulation.

CHEMICAL: Additives, Catalysts, Colorants, Pigments, Polymers, Resins.

FOOD: Additives, Animal extracts, Cocoa powder, Colorants, Ferments, Flavours and aromas, Food preparations, Lyophilized, Natural extracts, Proteins, Ready mix, Vitamin complements.

  • SANIDRY (SHV-200) 200L, AISI-316L, complete with intensifier and control box (new).
  • SANIDRY (SHV-50) 50L, AISI-316L, with shaft flat paddles and plowshare (used).