Horizontal Ploughshare Turbulence Mixer by BachillerWork in progress: 2 TURBOMIX Horizontal Ploughshare Mixers.

These two powder mixers have been commissioned by an important Spanish engineering company specialized in applications for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

It’s a high-performance mixer for intense and fast processes (5 minutes maximum), suitable for all kinds of products including very disperse granulation and densities.
It works with plough type blades rotating at high speed, centrifuging the product violently generating turbulence in the mixing chamber.

Typical applications for the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.




  • Short mixing times, maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Repetitive, reproducible and scalable mixing.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Large lateral inspection and maintenance doors.



Ploughshare Turbulence Mixer by Bachiller

Detail of a Ploughshare Turbulence Mixer by Bachiller