Turnkey process facility

A German company dedicated to the production of precious metals derivate products, has entrusted us, first in the development of the process, and afterwards with the developed process industrialization for their production plant.

In this project, the client has asked us a budget for an equipment, to be integrated as a part of a solution. However, once we started to work on the process, and validate it in our test center, we realized that there were more efficient ways to solve their production needs, and together we took the path of improving their initial process request, to achieve the finally supplied solution.

We are delighted to go to Germany personally for commissioning and start up this integral solution, since it all started in one of the last face-to-face meetings held in March 2020. Subsequently, all the development in our laboratory was followed by the client through videoconferences, and finally just before Christmas we reached an agreement to manufacture the solution to the process proposed by our team, based on the path traveled with our process technicians in the test center.

We can’t wait to see the first batches going out and to develop more vacuum drying and filtration solutions for our customers’ needs  and have a result like the one we achieved in this project!