We are pleased to announce the successful fabrication of two paddle vacuum dryers with a sanitary design for a renowned national pharmaceutical company.

These two SANIDRY SHV-2000 dryers each have a capacity of 2,000 liters and are constructed from AISI-316-L stainless steel.

The design process for these dryers focused on ensuring maximum efficiency and safety in drying injectable antibiotics, an extremely sensitive product that requires strictly sterile conditions. To meet these requirements, the dryers are equipped with advanced technologies that ensure operation in a controlled and sterile environment. Each component and manufacturing process has been carefully selected and monitored to ensure that the dryers comply with the strictest regulations in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our client’s satisfaction with the new equipment is a testament to our commitment to excellence. The dryers not only meet their expectations in terms of capacity and functionality but also offer additional advantages such as greater energy efficiency, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and an ergonomic design that facilitates use.

We thank our team of engineers and technicians for their dedication and effort in this project, as well as our client for trusting in our capabilities. We are eager to see the positive impacts these dryers will have on their production.