Delivering a new 2.000L Sanidry, a horizontal vacuum paddle dryer with sanitary design, to an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Fine Chemicals manufacturer in Germany.

The Sanidry vacuum dryer by Bachiller is the ideal industrial dryer to meet customer needs since the products to dry are highly toxic substances. Hygienic equipment is required to comply with GMP standards and ensure operator safety.

The Sanidry, horizontal vacuum paddle dryer, belongs to the group of drum dryers with paddle rotation in their interior. Its sanitary design, with a heating surface maximised in paddles over the shaft and body of the dryer, guarantees the drying of all types of moist, crystalline, amorphous or paste thermo-sensitive products in a vacuum process.

The body, shaft and paddles of the vacuum dryer are fully heated to maximise heat exchange. The tolerances of the vacuum dryer assembly allow the turning of the paddles at very close distances to the wall, for continuous renewal of the product being exchanged.