Vacuum paddle dryer for API developmentBachiller signs a new contract for the manufacture of a Sanidry sanitary vacuum paddle dryer with a major Spanish API manufacturer.

The relationship between the two companies is very close after a lot of pieces of processing equipment supplied over the years. Thank you for trusting Bachiller again.


The Sanidry has a sanitary design and guarantees the drying of all types of moist, crystalline, amorphous or paste thermosensitive products in a vacuum process, ideal for special and delicate products.

The body, shaft and paddles of the vacuum dryer are fully heated to maximise heat exchange. The tolerances of the vacuum dryer assembly allow the turning of the paddles at very close distances to the wall, for continuous renewal of the product being exchanged.


Details of a vacuum paddle dryer for API developmenADVANTAGES
– Full tightness, vacuum level less than 1 Torr.
– Highest Thermal Efficiency, Shortest drying cycles.
– The repetitive operation, reproducible and easy to scale up.
– Easy to clean and register.
– Big frontal door for inspection and registration.
– Sanitary design cGMP, FDA validated.