1,000L Double Cone vacuum dryer

This process equipment has been designed and manufactured by Bachiller for our customer, a Portuguese fine chemicals company. The installation is composed of 2 Bicuum (double cone vacuum dryers) of 1,000L each, 1 hydrogenator, 2 vacuum skids and 3 heating skids.

During the tests, we were able to verify the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment, which is now ready to be delivered.

The Bicuum by Bachiller is a double-cone rotary drum vacuum dryer, suitable for ultra-vacuum drying of all types of moist, crystalline and amorphous thermo-sensitive products.

The Bicuum vacuum dryer consists of a fully heated and insulated drum, which rotates at low speeds while being subjected to a strong vacuum, which continuously renews the product in contact with the hot walls.


  • Mechanical simplicity, low maintenance required.
  • Full tightness.
  • The very low weight of the product – power consumption ratio.
  • Easy to clean and inspect.
  • Repetitive, reproducible and easy to scale processes.


1,000L Double Cone vacuum dryer1,000L Double Cone vacuum dryer