for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries


We offer a wide range of high-quality equipment and solutions for very diverse processes.

Nutsche Filters

Pressure filtering and vacuum drying for solid-liquid separation.

Vacuum Dryers

Low-temperature drying for thermosensitive products.

Solid Mixers

Mixing and homogenization of solid and powdery products.

Liquid Processing

Process equipment for liquid and semi-solid products.

Stirred Reactors

Reactors with agitation, heating and cooling system.

Static Equipment and Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessels, heat exchangers and evaporators, distillation columns and towers.


Extraction and processing of raw materials and their transformation into new substances with characteristics different from the original ones.
Manufacture of special products with a higher added value used later in other industries.
Manufacture and preparation of medicinal chemicals for the treatment and prevention of diseases.
Manufacture of body and aesthetic hygiene products through mixtures of natural or synthetic chemical compounds.
Production of materials and products for food.
Treatment and transformation of oil and natural gas to obtain derivative products.


We put at your disposal all our departments to ensure the highest quality and the best service.

Our engineering department comprises 25 mechanical and chemical engineers, who carry out all the designs and calculations necessary for each project.
Our engineers guarantee the production of all our equipment under the strictest international quality standards.
We have modern facilities with a laboratory for the testing of processes prior to the production of your order.
We support you throughout the life cycle of our equipment, guaranteeing the spares and extensions you need.


Two Paddle Vacuum Dryers for a National Pharmaceutical Company

We are pleased to announce the successful fabrication of two paddle vacuum dryers with a sanitary design for a renowned national pharmaceutical company. These two SANIDRY SHV-2000 dryers each have [...]

Two SUPRAMIX MVC-015 Mixers for a North American Client

We are pleased to announce the manufacture of two SUPRAMIX MVC-015 mixers, constructed from AISI-304-L stainless steel, for a prestigious North American company dedicated to the production of detergents and [...]

See you soon at ACHEMA

We would like to meet with you at ACHEMA 2024 from June 10th to 14th at Messe Frankfurt, Germany. Our sales representatives for process equipment and pressure vessels will be [...]