Fine grinding for liquid and semi-solid products

FLOW RATES: from 0,5m³/h up to 10m³/h.


Fine grinding for liquid and semi-solid products

FLOW RATES: from 0,5m³/h up to 10m³/h.

The Bachiller Colloidal Mill, with stainless steel, corundum or perforated plates grinding wheels, is used for the fine grinding and homogenisation of liquid, pasty and even viscous products with a fineness of up to 40 microns.

The Colloidal Mill is based on a rotor that rotates at high speed and very close to a conical stator. The fineness adjustment is obtained by graduating the gap between the rotor and the stator by means of a hand-wheel with an electronic indicator and a grinding wheels position sensor.

  • Inline model in recirculation mode.
  • Particle size regulation by a mechanical device.
  • High shear effect to obtain fine particle sizes.
  • Exchange of grinding rotors.
  • Flow rates from  0,5 up to 10 m³/h.
  • Drive up to 75 KW.
  • Off line model with feed hopper for solids.
  • Tightness by simple mechanical seal.
  • Exchange of grinding rotors.
  • ‘CE’ marking according to the Safety for Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • Grinders in stainless steel with abrasion resistant treatment.
  • Corundum grinders for finest particle sizes.
  • Special grinder with knifes.
  • Double mechanical seal with lubrication unit.
  • Portable unit assembled onto wheeled frame, with auxiliary pump.
  • Sanitary design according to cGMP, FDA validatable , easy to disassemble.
  • SIP/CIP.
  • DQ, IQ and OQ protocols.
  • ATEX executions on demand.

COSMETICS y PHARMACEUTICAL: Antibiotics, Bio cosmetics, Coats, Colorants, Creams, Dispersions, Emulsions, Food  additives, Gels, Hair gel, Masks, Pomades, Shaving, Sun protection, Suppositories, Tooth pastes, Unguents.

CHEMICAL: Asphalt and Bituminous, Colorants, Pigments, Polymers, Resinas.

FOOD: Baby Food, Butter and grey, Chocolates, Concentrates, Creams, Gelatin, Juices, Mayonnaise, Salses.

  • COLLOIDAL MILL (MCB-50) 50, vertical, with hopper, cross-cut (used).
  • COLLOIDAL MILL (MCB-80) 80, vertical, 3CV, in stainless steel (used).
  • COLLOIDAL MILL (MCB-80) 80, AISI-316 (used).
  • COLLOIDAL MILL (MCB-100) 100 (used).
  • COLLOIDAL MILL (MCB-100) 100, sanitary, 1.4404, EPDM, 5.5KW (used)
  • COLLOIDAL MILL (MCB-130) NS 130, horizontal, cross-cut, in AISI-316L (new).
  • COLLOIDAL MILL (MCB-150) 150 N-CMD, horizontal – 4 units (used).



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