for the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Bachiller designs and manufactures the largest range of vacuum dryers in the world, providing the most appropriate solution for each type of process.

Certain products are, due to their special characteristics, highly thermo-sensitive. Drying at high temperatures is necessary to evaporate the solvent from the mixture, it would spoil the original characteristics of the product and would not be valid for the designed application. Using a vacuum, the necessary temperature for evaporation can be reduced, thus it is possible to carry out the process at a low temperature while respecting the original characteristics and morphology.

Vacuum dryers by Bachiller have been specially designed in response to these needs which are proper to the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries and guarantee the product is dried and respected. Designed in accordance with the GMP and EHEDG standards, our machines are validatable in sterile applications and we have special designs to install inside clean rooms.

Horizontal paddle vacuum dryer Sanidry Bachiller


Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer with a sanitary design. Cantilever axis and front door with full access to the equipment.


Vertical ribbon vacuum dryer. Mechanical simplicity, minimum maintenance. Spiral mixer in cantilever execution. Complete unload of the product.

Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer reactor Bachiller

Turbodry Reactor

Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer reactor. For applications of high mechanical demand, high temperatures or high viscosity with similar pseudo-plastic phases.

Double cone vacuum dryer Bachiller


Double cone vacuum dryer. For products with fragile morphology. Mechanical simplicity, low maintenance required. Easy to clean and inspect.

Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer Bachiller


Horizontal vacuum paddle dryer. For processes of maximum viscosity. Maximum thermal efficiency, short drying times.

Vertical conical screw vacuum dryer Bachiller


Vertical conical screw vacuum dryer. Indicated for all types of products, crystalline or amorphous. High drying performance.



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