Homogenizer HRB


Homogenizer HRB with internal/external recirculation line with adjustable GAP


The HRB homogenizer in external/internal recirculation with adjustable gap allows optimal dispersion quality over a wide range of viscosity.

The HRB is designed for batch operation with external or internal recirculation homogenization, allowing continuous raw material introduction, high-speed pumping, dispersion/emulsion and self-cleaning under CIP conditions.

The first chamber of the homogenizer is equipped with a combination of special valves for addition of liquids and powders, with continuous suction thanks to the associated combination of Venturi effects and vacuum. Liquid and powders additives are introduced directly into the high turbulence zone, eliminating the disadvantages of conventional suction in industrial processes.

The second chamber incorporates the emulsifier type rotor-stator to ensure homogeneous dispersion and a narrow distribution of particle size. An automatic GAP adjustment system, from 10% to 100%, can achieve shear rates of up to 250,000 s-1 to ensure emulsions and dispersions of high finesse from 10 μ to 1 μ.

The third chamber incorporates a special pumping turbine designed for high circulation capacity, including viscous products and CIP operations.

  • Internal and external recirculation with high flow
  • Automatic GAP adjustment from 0.1 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Continuous and controlled introduction of raw materials
  • Allows high viscosity products to be transported
  • Introduces raw materials into HRB turbulence zone for fat dispersion
  • Allows CIP operations
  • Designed for external/internal recirculation homogenization.
  • Suction of liquid and solid additives near the emulsifier for rapid dispersion.
  • Direct suction into the turbulence zone by the associated effects of Venturi and vacuum.
  • Working under low vacuum levels.
  • Double pressurized mechanical seals with external lubrication.
  • Several types of emulsion heads depending on the desired finesse.
  • Position of the homogenizer in emulsion/CIP mode using a servo engine with electronic positioner.
  • Automatic change of GAP from 10% to 100%.
  • Electronic positioning indication for GAP into the HMI.
  • Shear rate up to 250,000 s-1.
  • Emulsions from 10 μ to 1 μ.
  • Integrated pumping turbine to achieve high levels of circulation with high viscosity products.
  • Flow up to 50 m3/h.
  • Built-in CIP washing system.
  • Several dispersals heads
  • Atex Certificate
  • Other building materials
  • Polishing inf. to Ra 0.4
  • Jacket for heating or cooling of the body of the homogenizer.

COSMETICS y PHARMACEUTICAL: Food Additives, After Sun, Antibiotics, Biocosmetics, Colorings, Creams, Toothpastes, Dietetics, Sweeteners, Emulsions, Essences and Aromas, Shaving Moss, Dispersions, Gels, Syrup, Lipstick, Body Milk, Masks, Pomades, solar Creams, Silicones, Suppositories, Unguents.

CHEMICAL: Adhesives, Colourings, Pigments, Polymers, Premix, Resins, silicones.

FOOD: Creams, Concentrates, Vitamin Supplements, Diets, Gelatins, Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Sauces.



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