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We are delivering 4 stirred reactors for a Spanish chemical company

Stirred reactors

The set of equipment is made up of two 40 m3 distiller reactors and two 45m3 neutralizing reactors. The material used to manufacture these reactors is AISI-316-L.

Before formalizing the delivery, agitation tests have been carried out on the equipment to verify that the assembly between the reactors and the agitators work correctly.

One of the hallmarks of Bachiller is being able to guarantee our client that our reactors meet the strictest quality standards and that they are perfectly in line with current regulations.

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Statement COVID-19

Comunicado sobre el coronavirus

Due to the current pandemic of COVID19, which is affecting us globally, we want to report that we continue to work on the projects that the PHARMACEUTICAL, FOOD, CHEMICAL industry has given us their trust.

We are also continuing to work, and preparing the foundations for future projects, which will be a challenge for all of us, to face the new times ahead.

At Bachiller, we have adopted protocols and measures of protection and distancing for all workers, in accordance with health and public administration recommendations, and thus continue to meet the high specifications of our clients.

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4 stirred reactors for a pharmaceutical company based in USA


Reactor agitado

High-standard and lots of engineering phases are required to manufacture the equipment. Customer has chosen us instead of local suppliers, as he trusts our experience and skills. During project phase we will accompany the client step by step following every requirements to secure the final output thanks to our strong engineering team and high quality standards.

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New delivery: 325 m³ pressure vessel

Depósito a presión

We are delivering a pressure vessel in 304L of 325 m³ to a major Hungarian company in the chemical industry.

This process equipment is part of a set of 4 reactors that will be delivered soon.

Thank you for trusting the quality of Bachiller.

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New contract: new AISI-316L stainless steel column and tubular exchanger for France

Bachiller closes another contract for a 27 meter high column for an important French petrochemical multinational.

The equipment will be built entirely in our warehouse of Parets del Vallès, and will be delivered fully equipped with insulation, platforms, stairs and other elements.

Thanks to our 50 years’ experience & a great effort of our technical team, Bachiller has gained customer’s trust due to our quality, follow-up & support.

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4 reactors for a renowned Hungarian petrochemical

Bachiller is preparing a total of 4 equipment for a renowned Hungarian petrochemical.

The reactors made with SS304L are extremely large, with nominal volumes of 155 m3 up to 350 m3.

In the photograph you can see the transport process of one of the reactors, which required the help of two external cranes and an exceptionally large transport vehicle, due to the large size of the equipment.

Agitated reactor

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Bachiller is attending Giphac2019

September 18 and 19 in Lyon, France.

Giphac is aimed at Health-Beauty professionals and more specifically the staff on the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, perfume, fine chemicals, laboratories and research centres, as well as related sectors.

Bachiller is showing its latest solutions in process equipment, from laboratory scale machines to complete industrial production installations:

The Bachiller processing equipment has been specially designed in response to the needs of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, guaranteeing the quality of the process and being respectful with the product. Designed in accordance with cGMP standards, our machines are validatable in sterile applications.

We will be happy to know more about your needs.

You can find us at Stand A9-B10.


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3,770 m² Heat Exchanger for a German engineering

Bachiller has successfully delivered a new 3,770 m² Falling Film Evaporator to a German engineering company specialized in the design and construction of chemical projects and plants.

This piece of equipment is part of a bigger set composed of the heat exchanger, a 42 m³ Centrifugal Separator, a 64 m² Surface Condenser and several Vapour Ducts. All made of 316L Stainless Steel.

The loading process was really exciting due to the high length of the piece of equipment that required the support of an extra crane and exceptional long transport.

Bachiller designs and manufactures all kinds of tailor-made shell and tube heat exchangers, according to the main international mechanical design codes, using the ultimate design software and according to the particular specifications of the client.

The most common applications are aftercoolers, boilers, catalyst reactors, concentrators, condensers, coolers, double sheet exchangers, evaporators NH3, exchangers for liquids – gas, heaters, preheaters, reboilers, reflux condensers, sublimators, vacuum evaporators and vaporizers.

Our construction materials are austenitic stainless steels, super austenitic stainless steels, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, nickel alloys and superalloys, titanium and cladding.

3770m2 evaporator heat exchanger for german chemical engineering company 3770m2 evaporator heat exchanger for german chemical engineering company 3770m2 evaporator heat exchanger for german chemical engineering company 3770m2 evaporator heat exchanger for german chemical engineering company 3770m2 evaporator heat exchanger for german chemical engineering company

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